Philip Schmiedhofer


Philip Schmiedhofer, MSc

Regardless my aeronauctical education at a technical school, nature, medicine and technology have always been the foundation of my curiosity. After community service in a drug counseling center, I studied Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in Cell and Tissue Engineering. I developed an understanding of cellular processes and regenerative medicine techniques. During  the development of bioreactors for cartilage tissue, regenerative medicine implies a fascinating field of interest. 

Through my work in different laboratory groups at the IMP Vienna, I turned my attention to brain research, and pursued further studies in molecular biology with a focus on neuroscience. In the course of my training I was concerned with the interactions of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) with healing and maintenance of the most important bodily functions. 

Hemp has always fascinated me, but now I was able to deal with it on a scientific level. I founded a start-up that specialized in the production of hemp extracts and is now a European CBD pioneer with a wide range of natural products. At the same time, I conducted research with cannabinoids at the Center for Brain Research at the Medical University and the Vienna General Hospital during my masters degree. I was able to describe novel effects of cannabidiol (CBD) and other phytocannabinoids on GABAA receptors. 

In my work as an entrepreneur, I focus on managing businesses. Furthermore product development of dietary supplements, cosmetics and medical devices is the foundation of my work. Thus I have the opportunity to contribute my experience to drive innovation in the field of cannabis. As a consultant, I have experience in various projects in the area of the approval of medicine and medical devices as well as the development of research and production facilities for cannabis. I am a quality officer and have experience in setting up quality management systems according to ISO9001. I am a medical device consultant and managing director of a medical device trading company specializing in the marketing of cannabinioid-based medical products. As CEO of multiple companies in the cannabis space, I oversee business management and business development.